Thomas F.

Easy to install if you have some basic cognitive skills. Look good and they serve a purpose...... Thumbs up! Would recommend to anyone looking for Qualty flaps!

Byron G.

Nice mud flaps. Thicker and heavier than expected, pleasantly surprised. Chrome accents are well secured w/ 3 bolts. Good mounting hardware. My only beef is the upper champher wasn't equal on both but can't really notice and mfg's advertisement sticker doesn't need to be on the flap (on chrome accent).

Bonnie B.

looks good, easy to put on, live on gravel so they help a lot, besides dressing it up

J. Pryor

I bought a set of Pro Flaps over seven years ago with chrome weights. As I live on the Oregon coast, the salty climate eventually rusted the weights. Last week I called your company to get replacement parts, fully expecting to pay full price for the parts. During my conversation with your representative I was told that not only had the weights been upgraded to stainless steel, to prevent rusting, but that I would be sent the new weights absolutely free of charge.

I was surprised and impressed. Organizations like Pro Flaps are few and far between in this day and age. I have always recommended them to my family now I recommend them to everyone.

Jon B.

Ill be honest when I saw the price I didn't think it would be worth it but these flaps are worth every penny. On most of my friends trucks they have the regular rubber flaps and when they go down a gravel road it just chews them up so fast but with these ive had them for almost 6 months and you can hardly tell they have been out of the rapping. They look great and I couldn't be happier with the result of them.

R.S. Long

Every July, my brother-in-laws family and mine, load up our fifth wheels and leave Juno to visit our extended families, in Minnesota. Three years ago, when we both bought new Dodge dually's. I had a set of Pro Flaps installed. My brother-in-law put on an extended, molded mud flap. Before we even got half way his flap was chewed to pieces because of the type of roads we traveled on, and his fifth wheel was starting to take chips. Now three years later, I am still on my original set of Pro Flaps, my fifth wheel has only a couple of small chips, my brother-in-law just put his fifth pair of who knows what, and the front of his fifth wheel looks like it was used for long range shot gun practice. Kudos to Pro Flaps.

C.G. Reid

I had a set of Pro Flaps installed just over a year ago. During a bad snow storm I had to put on a set of chains. The center chain broke and flailed away inside the wheel well, pounding on the flap. It did some damage to the flap, but it is still serviceable. If I would not have had them on, I would have had some real damage to my wheel well.